Free services

YOU, and all of the issues you are facing right now, are our reason for being here. 
We are here to listen to you and be a friend when you need someone to talk to. 
We care about you!

Below you will find the many free services we offer and a brief description of each. If you would like any additional information about any of the services, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Limited Ultrasound

We offer limited ultrasounds here at the House of Ruth. We provide this service once a month. In order to qualify for our limited ultrasound, you must have a pregnancy test done in our facility. Ultrasounds are by appointment only.

Baby Boutique

Our baby Boutique is a great resource for you to meet all of your baby's physical needs. We have everything you may need including diapers, wipes, clothing, formula, car seats, strollers, etc.. In order to take advantage of our Baby Boutique, you must be enrolled in our Earn While You Learn Classes.

Free Pregnancy Tests

We offer confidential, free pregnancy tests for anyone who thinks they may be pregnant. It is a urine based test. All you need in order to have a test done is your I.D.. We do take walk-ins and you may also call to schedule an appointment with us. 

Earn While You Learn Classes

Earn While You Learn Classes are very beneficial hour-long classes that cover a variety of topics to help individuals on their journey of parenting. You get to choose the topics you would like to learn about, and then upon completion of each class, you can earn Mommy and Daddy dollars to spend in our Baby Boutique!

Information on Abortion Procedures and Alternatives 

The House of Ruth offers honest, up to date information on abortion procedures and the risks associated with abortion.

Abortion Recovery Program

We offer an abortion recovery retreat called Rachel's Vineyard, for those who have been affected by the consequences of abortion. This retreat will help you deal with the decision that was made and help you heal and move forward. 

Adoption Information

House of Ruth provides excellent adoption information as well as some information on different adoption agencies for anyone considering adoption.